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Our Company Mission

Our mission is to further the education and adoption of Blockchain, DLT, and Smart contract technology into everyday real world applications. We believe these technologies will change our current digital infrastructure and processes the way the internet changed how we communicate.

Our Company Vision

Our vision is simple, to lead and support innovative technologies and teams in this industry to help bring about a realized vision of sustainable technology, security driven architecture, and untapped potential for disrupting legacy systems.

Our Company Strategy

Our strategy is direct, we work with companies who have already considered the potential for blockchain technology to innovate the way they do
business. This means that we work hands on with companies to communicate their message and achieve their goals- We work with companies in all
stages of their development in all aspects of the industry from grass
roots to high level achievement.

Our Clients

British Virgin Islands(BVI)

  • Vistra Coparates Services Centre,Wickhams Cay II,Road Town,Tortola,VG1110,British Virgin Islands
  • service@horman.vc

China Office

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